Boyko Boorissov lays out options for forming future government

Boyko Boorissov lays out options for forming future government
  • GERB-UDF is the coalition with the largest share of votes and is obliged to attempt to form a government;
  • If it fails - the other parties should get together and attempt to form a government;
  • My colleague Slavi Trifonov should take responsibility and start forming a government. For me, stability is important;
  • We are not afraid of early elections. But it makes sense only if they are for Grand National Assembly;

We have achieved fifth consecutive victory in parliamentary elections! But now, because of those who are very loud, we are unable to enjoy that we received not 1% or 2%, but 10% more votes than them, PM Boyko Borissov said at a meeting of the Council of Ministers on April 7.

We were responsible until the elections. From now on, with more than half a million voters, fellow politician Slavi Trifonov must come out and take responsibility, Borissov added.

As the coalition with the most votes, GERB was obliged to attempt to form a government, Borissov said, but added that if such an attempt does not end in success, it will be Slavi Trifonnov’s turn to nominate a cabinet.

As a colleague, I call on Trifonov to start forming a government: The ruling majority, who will be the Speaker of Parliament, the (parliamentary) committees, the ministers, deputy ministers, district governors, Borissov added.

Slavi Trifonov is a second political force. It is time to take responsibility and nominate a cabinet. Should not make excuses that they don't have enough MPs! If necessary, I would supply 10 of our MPs to support a government nominated by Trifonov. It is important for me to have a stable governance of the country. New elections are not a solution, Boyko Borissov commented.

We are obliged to nominate a government, we owe it to our voters. I see a huge irresponsibility from other political parties and some even go so far as to say that after we spent BGN 150-160 million for these elections, they feel unsatisfied and want new elections. That said, we would participate with pleasure, if that situation were to arise," Borissov said.

He explained what the possible effect of new elections could be.

The effect is the money that will be wasted, the time that will be lost, Europe is currently working on recovery plans after the pandemic. The pandemic has not subsided, and we as a parliamentary republic need a working parliament, he said.

Now the parties that are anti-GERB, anti-UDF, anti-Patriotic Front, have a great opportunity, they have a very stable majority, they do not need new elections, they currently have enough to secure 200 seats in Parliament. If they don't from a cabinet, then it might mean they want to throw the state into a chaos, they want to show that they are not capable of governing. Dear colleagues and opponents, this will rebound on you at the elections, because the people who said they wanted a change, they are currently giving you this wonderful opportunity. Do it!".

If they see the political situation as difficult, if there is no solution, new elections are not a solution. Here is a possible alternative. You all talked about Grand National Assembly, about majority elections, let President Radev submit his draft for Constitution. Grand National Assembly will be convened, solve all the problems and start afresh, the Prime Minister suggested.

Instead of arguing, we should go to the Parliament, adopt Rumen Radev’s draft Constitution and elect a Grand National Assembly. Then it makes sense to hold elections, otherwise GERB will be taken out from the overall elections result and again the same parties will have to form a government, Borissov concluded.


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