Bulgaria’s Health Minister presented the electronic certificate of Covid-19 vaccination

Bulgaria’s Health Minister presented the electronic certificate of Covid-19 vaccination

The electronic certificate has been introduced and anyone who was vaccinated against Covid-19 can receive it, Bulgaria’s Minister of Health Prof. Kostadin Angelov said on January 19 at the presentation of the Covid-19 vaccination certificate and the functionality of the electronic health file.

"The electronic certificate is already a fact and every vaccinated person can get it in two ways. The first is through electronic signature, which provides access to their electronic file. For those who do not have electronic signatures, from February 1, they can get it through their GPs, who have access to their file and can print it," said Prof. Angelov.

The Covid-19 vaccination certificate in Bulgaria can be seen in the Single National Portal, and an electronic signature is required for access. The system was launched this morning (January 19) and works in real time. Each certificate has a unique QR code. The data, including the batch number of each vaccine, are written in Cyrillic and Latin.

Every Bulgarian who has an electronic signature can enter and see their file. It is fully patient-oriented, integrated with the national health information system. It records all patient data, such as electronic prescriptions, blood donation, GP. Everything in the system is introduced automatically, Ivaylo Filipov, director of "Information Services" said at the presentation.

Several levels of security protect the certificate from possible abuse. It can be checked by any control authority in Bulgaria and abroad”, Minister Angelov explained. Professor Angelov added that it is impossible to manipulate the e-document.

The electronic system will be upgraded by end March. Referrals for all outpatient care procedures will be issued through an electronic health record, Minister Angelov said.

images by Dessislava Kulelieva

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