Bulgaria’s October 2 snap elections: Exit polls show victory for GERB-UDF, 7 parties enter Parliament

Bulgaria’s October 2 snap elections: Exit polls show victory for GERB-UDF, 7 parties enter Parliament

Former Prme Minister Boyko Borissov’s GERB-UDF coalition wins October 2 snap elections, according to the data from parallel vote count at 100% by the polling agencies "Alpha Research" and "Gallup International".

"We Continue the Change", majority partner in the former four-party ruling coalition, which lost a vote of no confidence in June, comes second. The ethnic Turk Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) is third, according to data of both agencies.

Seven parties, including former caretaker PM Stefan Yanev’s" party “Bulgaria Ascending", will enter Parliament. TV presenter Slavi Trifonov’s “There is Such a People” falls below the 4% threshold for entering Parliament.

In Gallup International's 100% parallel vote count, GERB-UDF comes first with 23.5% of the votes, “We Continue the Change” is second with 19.5%, MRF gains 15.2%.

"Vazrazhdane" party is fourth with 10% of the votes. The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) gets 8.9%, "Democratic Bulgaria" alliance- 7.0 %, "Bulgaria Ascending" is above the threshold, gaining 4.7%. "There is Such a People” is below the threshold with 3.8%, according to Gallup data.

In a 100% parallel vote count by "Alpha Research" polling agency, GERB-UDF is the first political force with 25.1%, "We Continue the Change" comes second with 18.9%, MRF get 14.8%.

"Vazrazhdane" is fourth with 9.9%, BSP gained 9%, "Democratic Bulgaria" - 7.5%, "Bulgaria Ascending" is above the threshold with 4.5% and "There is Such a People" below the 4% threshold with 3.9%, according to the data of "Alpha Research".

"Rise up Bulgaria" and VMRO remain below the threshold.

Voter turnout in this election is between 3 and 5% lower compared to the November 2021 vote. According to pollsters, about 150,000 fewer people turned out to vote in the October 2 elections.

Parallel vote count at 100% by "Gallup International": GERB-UDF wins October 2 parliamentary elections; 7 parties enter the new Parliament

Parallel vote count at 100% by "Alpha Research": GERB-UDF wins 25.1% of the votes in October 2 snap elections, WCC comes second with 18.9%


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