Bulgaria’s Southern Black Sea coast free of coronavirus, study shows

Bulgaria’s Southern Black Sea coast free of coronavirus, study shows

Despite the increase of Covid-19 cases in Bulgaria, its Southern Black Sea Coast is a safe and free of coronavirus tourist destination, the results of a large-scale testing in the coastal city of Bourgas and surrounding region showed on June 25.

Tomorrow, the first charter flight with tourists from Amsterdam is expected to land at Bourgas Airport. Today the health authorities were adamant that the spread of coronavirus in the region is not alarming. This is evidenced by a large-scale study in the region on the built immunity against Covid-19. The testing involved 2,300 people.

Dimitar Nikolov, Mayor of Bourgas: This study clearly proves methodically and scientifically that less than 1% of the residents of Bourgas and the region had come into contact with Covid-19.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Angel Kunchev, Chief State Health Inspector: Extremely low circulation of the virus and extremely low risk for people living in this place in the coming weeks and months.

This will be the focus of the region's advertising - the Southern Black Sea Coast is a safe and clean tourist destination.

Nikolina Angelkova, Minister of Tourism: For the people who work in the sector, it is very important, especially on the Black Sea coast, to do this, because it gives additional comfort and security to the guests of the resorts.
Assoc. Prof. Tsvetan Velinov, Dean of the Bourgas Medical Faculty: The probability of someone getting involved in a road accident on the Southern Black Sea coast is higher than getting coronavirus.

A second part of the study will be conducted after the end of the summer season, to find out what percentage of the workers in the tourism sector have come into asymptomatic contact with the virus.


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