Day 100 of protests in Sofia: 5th Grand National Uprising

Day 100 of protests in Sofia: 5th Grand National Uprising

Day 100 (October 16) of protests was unde the banner of fifth Grand National Uprising.

The protest started at 5 pm in the area of Triangle of Power in Sofia. The demands of the protesters remain unchanged - the resignation of the government, the resignation of the Prosecutor General, early elections, machine and remote voting. The fifth Grand National Uprising differs from the other four so far because it was attended by two MEPs, who arrived in Sofia and spoke in support of the protests in the capital. Two other MEPs joined in via video conference.

The protest was peaceful and without tension.

At 9 p.m., the protesters marched to BNT to have their voices heard on the public broadcaster.

Minutes after 8:30 pm, the protesters marched to the St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral.

At 7:20 pm, MEP Paul Tang (Socialists and Democrats) took the floor. "I sincerely admire you. Things cannot go on like this ... This is about freedom and democracy, living without corruption," Tang said.

At around 18:45, Croatian MEP Ivan Sincic backed the protesters and assured them that Europe was not blind and they were not alone.

"Corruption in Bulgaria is not only a Bulgarian problem, corruption is a European problem and every European citizen must fight corruption in his own country in order to live a normal life in a normal country," he said.

Minutes before 6:30 pm, the protesters went to Sofia University to help students after realizing that the police did not allow them to reach Independence Square. Eventually, however, the students were allowed after a check. And the protest continued in the familiar place in the Triangle of Power.

Around 18:20 the traffic on Dondukov Blvd. was blocked.

Tsar Osvoboditel the section from the Military Club to the Triangle of Power also remains blocked.

The start was at 5 pm. Access checkpoints were organised by the Ministry of Interior on the main streets leading to Independence Square. Backpacks and bags were searched, and glass bottles and deodorants were confiscated.

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