Day 102 of protests in Sofia

Day 102 of protests in Sofia

On day 102 (October 18) of protests in Sofia, the situation on Independence Square was calm.

The motto of the protest was "We are not afraid".

The demands remain the same - the resignation of the government, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev, early parliamentary elections, machine and remote voting.

As on previous nights, the protesters marched to Eagles’ Bridge, where they blocked traffic.

Residents of Gorublyane residential district also joined the protest today. They decided to renew their protests, which started more than 2 years ago. At 4 pm, they blocked the exit of Sofia at Tsarigradsko Shosse for one hour.

Their initial idea was to march to Eagles’ Bridge and from there merge with the anti-government protest, but it did not happen. The residents of Gorublyane continue to demand fair compensation for their land. On Friday, the Constitutional Court ruled on the provision related to the deadline for starting the expropriation procedures under the State Property Act and the Municipal Property Act for properties provided for green areas, which is 15 years. According to the constitutional judges, until the expiration of this term, the owners suffer significant restrictions on their right to property.

The Gorublyane protesters want the construction of a bicycle lane near Pancharevo along Samokovsko Shosse Boulevard to begin soon. They have received promises from the authorities for all their demands, but they have not been fulfilled , people complained.

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