Double murder-suicide shocks community in the village of Manole

15:42, 05.12.2023
Double murder-suicide shocks community in the village of Manole
Image: BNR

A double murder and subsequent suicide shocked the residents of the village of Manole, Plovdiv district in the early hours on December 5.

A woman's husband killed her parents - her father and mother - and seriously wounded her brother. The report was submitted by the woman herself, who called the emergency number 112. Police and forensic teams arrived at the scene. They found both her parents dead and her brother in a serious condition.

The weapon of the crime was an illegally owned rifle. It was used to fire the fatal shots. The man committed suicide . The condition of his wife's brother remains serious. He is hospitalised in critical condition.

The investigation is on-going. There is an increased police presence in the village.

Details of the case were given by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior, Chief Commissioner Zhivko Kotsev, the District Prosecutor of Plovdiv, Vanya Hristeva, and the Director of the Plovdiv Police, Chief Commissioner Georgi Chergov.

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