First batch of the Moderna vaccine against Covid-19 arrived in Bulgaria

First batch of the Moderna vaccine against Covid-19 arrived in Bulgaria

The delivery was welcomed by the Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Kostadin Angelov, Executive Director of the Executive Agency for Medicines, Bogdan Kirilov and the President of the National Vaccination Task Force, Prof. Dr. Krassimir Gigov.

From tomorrow we have created the logistics for starting the vaccination with the vaccine developed by Moderna., the Minister of Health Prof. Kostadin Angelov told journalists. We received the first delivery of the Moderna vaccine, which is currently placed in a refrigerator that has a temperature of minus 20 degrees per Celsius, he added.

According to him, the doses of the vaccine are in a small quantity and will be distributed to RHI - Sofia. "It will be very difficult to create logistics for second-dose vaccination in many places. He said that on January 25, further 4,000 doses will arrive and will be distributed in the country's regions. The European Commission has signed an agreement for additional quantities of vaccines from the first vaccine delivered to Bulgaria – the one developed by Pfizer-BioNtech. The Bulgarian state participates in this agreement with indicative quantities to date - nearly 2.9 million vaccines. There will be sufficient quantities of vaccines for all Bulgarian citizens. The Astra Zeneca vaccine is also in the process of registration. The indicative quantities of this vaccine are nearly 4.5 million vaccines," the Minister of Health added.

The first phase of the vaccination will be completed at the end of the month. After that, the second phase will begin, with the vaccination of residents of old people's homes and teachers, the minister said. It is currently being clarified exactly how the vaccination process will be carried out. About 21% of the residents of old people's homes are willing to be vaccinated, Prof. Angelov explained.

As of January 25, we have planned mass testing among Bulgarian teachers to assess whether and how to start in-person attendance classes, said the Minister of Health. "We have a plan to test all Bulgarian teachers. This plan was discussed with the Minister of Education, Krassimir Valchev,” Angelov said.

Bulgaria has ordered a total of half a million doses of the Moderna vaccine. The main quantity is scheduled to arrive in Bulgaria in April and July, and it is possible that changes will occur depending on the production capacity of the company.

images by Dessislava Kulelieva

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