Healthcare was main topic of the second day of talks towards new cabinet

Healthcare was main topic of the second day of talks towards new cabinet

Negotiations for a coalition agreement of “We Continue the Change” (the party which won the largest share of votes in the November 14 parliamentary elections) with BSP, "There is Such a People" and "Democratic Bulgaria" continue on November 24. Party experts discussed proposals for reforms in healthcare, education, agriculture and e-government.

Negotiators argued over measures to control the Covid-19 epidemic, but agreed that a change in the way of financing the health care system is needed.

In the short term, the priorities for the four parties are to control the coronavirus epidemic.

Georgi Mihailov from BSP commented that if we build new Covid-19 hospitals at the end of the pandemic, they will go bankrupt.

"The energy sector has a cold reserve, for which the state pays millions without it being used. Why should we not have readiness to manage situations, including pandemics," said Ivaylo Hristov of “There is Such a People”.

The BSP opposed another the idea of ​​"There is Such a People" to have mass testing for T-cell immunity.

"It sounds a bit like we are already going to NASA level, we are going to levels that are not for this job," said Georgi Mihailov of the BSP.

"This is the main point - how to convince some people that they should get vaccinated, and others that it is more a matter of choice whether to do it or not," added Andrey Chorbanov of “There is Such a People”.

All four parties agreed that coronavirus vaccination would remain voluntary. However, they decided that an information campaign was needed.

"There are so many anti-vaxx sentiments when there are confusions, fears and other problems that prevent the implementation of a large-scale awareness campaign, which is necessary from the point of view of public health," said Alexander Simidchiev of the DB.

In the long run, the experts propose updating the National Health Map, creating an electronic health file. They talked about cancelling the clinical pathways and said that the state and municipal hospitals would work so that they would not be commercial companies.

"You can't steal from pensions, but you can steal from health. And the way this happens is the companies," said Georgi Mihailov of the BSP.

"The money is leaking, whether it is a company or a state structure. The money is leaking because there is no adequate control. I am not saying that we are against the change of status. I am saying it is not a solution to the problem with leaking of money. Assen Vassilev, co-leader of WCC.

"I offered you 3 options, 3 degrees of control; Our assumptions are that we can stop about 80% of the current leaks," said Ivaylo Hristov of TISP.

"The question is whether this requires them to be re-registered in another form or it can be done simply by building control structures," commented Alexander Simidchiev of the DB.

The four parties have outlined measures to address staff shortages and low wages in the health care system. It was agreed that the medical emergency aid should be modernised and that opportunities should be sought for the health insurance fund to partially pay for the medicines for the treatment of children up to 14 years of age.

The financiers of the four parties will discuss the ideas of demonopolisation of the health insurance fund and payment of health insurance based on the size of the salary.


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