Immunisation with Astra Zeneca suspended in Bulgaria after a death

Immunisation with Astra Zeneca suspended in Bulgaria after a death

Immunization with the Astra Zeneca vaccine is suspended after a death, Bulgaria’s Minister of Health, Prof. Kostadin Angelov, said on March 12 during a visit to the University Hospital “St. George” in Plovdiv.

A 57-year-old woman from Plovdiv died after she was vaccinated. The death occurred in her home at 3.00 am, the vaccination took place yesterday at 12.00, said Prof. Angelov.

"When the woman got home she did not have any side effects, but in the evening she felt shortness of breath. An ambulance team was called, which arrived immediately, but upon arrival established the exitus letalis," the minister explained.

Angelov clarified that the deceased woman had underlying health conditions, including being overweight and heart surgery. According to him, she has not been vaccinated with the stopped batch of the vaccine. There is definitely no blood clot formation.

The suspension of the vaccination is a preventive measure, said Prof. Kostadin Angelov.

"I want it to be clear to everyone that this is a precautionary measure so that we can be sure that after 7 days, when the forensic doctors' conclusion is issued, we will make a final decision on how to proceed with the vaccination of Astra Zeneca," he added.

There is no official evidence to suggest a causal link between the immunization and the woman's death, Minister Angelov said.

"The working diagnosis at the moment is acute heart failure with severe pulmonary edema. We have taken all the tests and we are waiting for the result", Assoc. Prof. Pavel Timonov said.

PM Borissov ordered that the immunization with the Astra Zeneca vaccine be temporarily stopped.

The decision to stop immunization with this vaccine has a single purpose - prevention, the minister added.

"I appeal to Bulgarian citizens to be calm, not to use this situation for political speculation or instilling fears. Every time we receive information, we present it immediately to the public, without hiding anything. The situation changes every hour, every time a decision is made, we present it to you," the Minister of Health said.

People who have signed up for vaccination will be informed what comes next.

Today, 80,000 doses of the Astra Zeneca vaccine have arrived in Bulgaria. They will be stored in the premises of Sofia-based Bull Bio state-owned company and the vaccination will continue after an opinion on the case is issued.

"We will wait until next week for the committee, whih is paet of the European Medicines Agency, to make a fformal decision, before we continue the vaccination on the territory of the country," said Prof. Angelov.

People who have signed up for vaccination will be informed what comes next.

The electronic register for Covid-19 jabs will be temporarily suspended, everyone will receive notification and will be officially registered, said Prof. Kostadin Angelov.

He pointed out that the side effects of the vaccines are about 3 per 1000, but they are standard.

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