On the day of Bulgaria’s capital Sofia: Underground train becomes a stage for urban culture

On the day of Bulgaria’s capital Sofia: Underground train becomes a stage for urban culture
Image: Dessislava Kulelieva

On 17th of September, Bulgaria's capital celebrates St. Sofia Day - the day on which the Orthodox church commemorates the Holy Martyrs Sofia and her three daughters Faith, Hope and Love.

Live music, DJ performance and theatre of movement are just some of the surprises in the flash mob cultural project organized by the National Center for Innovation and Digital Arts for the Day of Bulgaria’s capital Sofia.

The third metro-diameter train will be "improved" with sound and artistic lighting, branding and decoration. Young artists will travel on it in the off-peak hours in the early afternoon and after 19:30 on September 17.

"SOUND UNDERGROUND" will take place for the first time in Bulgaria. The campaign is inspired by good practices such as Tram Party, Tram Session and Subway Drum in the cities of London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Berlin, New York, Warsaw and Budapest. The aim of the initiative is to surprise and delight the residents and guests of the city with some entertainment on the holiday and is under the motto "When the Movement Meets Change".

The urban legends of electronic music - DJ VLD and Disco Manga will be behind the DJ panel on the train. The initiative is carried out with the assistance of Sofia Municipality, and the host and co-organiser is the underground operator Metropolitan EAD.

The train will run on schedule and at first glance nothing will indicate that something different will happen. On the platforms, however, passengers will find themselves literally in "another dimension". At each run along the route from Krasno Selo to Hadji Dimitar, the music will change from trap, through hip-hop, BG pop, live performances with guitar and saxophone accompaniment, street dancing, pantomime, to the tech house beat.

The organisers from the National Centre for Innovation and Digital Arts choose the new underground line as a symbol of modernity and the connection between time, space and different generations.

On board of the train, stewards will observe safety, wearing protective masks and preventing the gathering of too many passengers in one place in connection with anti-epidemic measures. However, the most curious will have the opportunity to scan the QR code of the posters, placed in the underground network and find out the exact hours of the flash mob.

The event in the Sofia underground will be shot for an official music video, intended for rotation in the world music channel for club music - Dance trippin TV, broadcasting from the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The organisers of "SOUND UNDERGROUND" will apply with the concept in various competitions in 2021 for the transformation of the urban environment through contemporary culture and promise to make it a tradition.

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