Police: Six detained at the start of the protests today

13:03, 10.09.2020
Police: Six detained at the start of the protests today

Six people have been detained so far at the protest in the capital, Toni Todorov, Deputy Head of the Security Police Department at Sofia Directorate of the Ministry of Interior told a briefing on September 10.

"So far everything is going well. There are 6 people detained, two are wanted. The law enforcement bodies will check whether they participated in any way in the September 2 protest," he said. The detainees are in the regional police stations.

Earlier this morning, inspections and checks were made in the perimeter of the security zones in the "Triangle of Power" in order to remove dangerous objects and belongings. Metal pipes, sacks of stones and glass bottles, wooden sticks, 2 knives, a slingshot, a 5-liter tube of unidentified liquid with a pungent odour were found. A bag full of bottles of liquids of different colours and a pungent odour was also found in the area.

"Some of the things we found are quite disturbing. We found a lot of stones, piled up. I do not make accusations against anyone, there are also items left over from the previous evening. Everything has been removed," he said.

"A tube of liquid, about 10 litres, as well as 10 bottles of colourless liquid were found in a shelter," Toni Todorov said.

He said that it is not clear who left these things and objects in the area. Camera footage from last night and the days before is being reviewed, Todorov added.

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