Targovishte postpones mass events due to rise in coronavirus cases

Targovishte postpones mass events due to rise in coronavirus cases

The new cases in Targovishte on October 16 are 45 for the period of the past 24 hours. All mass events in the city have been postponed until the peak of the infection passes.

In just two days, health inspectors in Targovishte have identified more than 40 violations of non-compliance with anti-epidemic measures in restaurants, businesses and public transport.

Darin Dimitrov, Mayor of Targovishte Municipality: In the morning in certain buses drivers without masks or people who wear masks incorrectly were noticed, but with the control this will gradually improve.

Over 2,000 pupils in Targovishte will study online because of COVID-19

As a preventive measure, for a second day in a row the students from the two largest high schools in Targovishte study remotely. School buildings are disinfected. The children are expected to return to the classrooms on Monday, but if there is a rise in coronavirus infections again, they will continue to study from home. There are currently 14 teachers who tested positive for COVID-19.

Aneta Kumanova, director of “Prof. Nikola Marinov " school in Targovishte: In this situation we are all worried, I am glad that my colleagues are motivated to give a quality educational process.

In the hospital in Targovishte all the beds in the coronavirus ward are already occupied. The management of the health facility has spent BGN 50,000 above the budget to provide protective clothing for the medical staff. The hospital is currently raising funds for PCR testing equipment.


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