Troyan mountain pass is closed to traffic due to snow

Troyan mountain pass is closed to traffic due to snow

Troyan mountain pass temporarily closes to traffic for vehicles weighing more than 12 tonnes due to snowfall, Road Infrastructure Agency (TIA) said on October 14.

It is snowing at Petrohan. RIA advises motorists to drive with caution due to low visibility caused by fog.

Code yellow weather alert over heavy rains is in place for almost all districts in Bulgaria today. Second degree code orange was introduced in some areas because of expected precipitation of 35 to 50 litres and more per sq.m.

Maximum temperatures will be between 6° and 11° Celsius. At the end of the day, they are expected to drop even further in Western Bulgaria, where the rain will temporarily mix with snow. The wind will be light to moderate, from the north-northeast.

It will be cloudy and raining on the Black Sea coast. A moderate east-northeast wind will continue to blow. The sea wave will remain around 2-3 points.

There will be precipitation in the mountains as well, but in most areas it will snow and a snow cover will form. In Western and Central Bulgaria the quantities will be significant and in combination with the temporarily strong south wind there will be conditions for snow drifts and gusts. Temperatures will drop significantly.


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