Wearing face masks outdoors becomes obligatory in Kyustendil

Wearing face masks outdoors becomes obligatory in Kyustendil

Additional anti-epidemic measures were introduced in the South Bulgarian district of Kyustendil as of February 10 due to the increase in the number of new COVID-19 cases.

All members of the public will be required to wear masks outdoors, no matter whether there is a crowd or not. The measure will be in effect until February 21.

Kyustendil is in second place after Blagoevgrad in terms of number of new cases. Further 48 new cases were registered in the district for the past 24 hours. 75 people are hospitalized in the Covid-19 ward of the city hospital.

Everyone who visits the polyclinic in the city will have to go through a special filter. According to doctors, this is one of the places where the infection spreads.

Wearing masks creates a mechanical filter and is a relative brake on this infection, explained the director of the hospital in Kyustendil, Dr. Alexander Velichkov.

The polyclinic will put in place a special access regime to prevent crowding, added Dr. Velichkov. The aim is to create less conditions for contact and spread of the infection, he explained.

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Two Covid-19 wards have been opened in the hospital in Kyustendil, and there is readiness to provide extra beds, the director of the hospital explained. There are medical professionals infected with the virus, but their number is relatively small compared to the autumn, added Dr. Velichkov.


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