80 Bulgarian companies ready to help rebuild Ukraine's energy sector

20:08, 11.06.2024
80 Bulgarian companies ready to help rebuild Ukraine's energy sector

More than 80 Bulgarian companies are ready to take part in the recovery of ‘Ukraine's energy sector, Bulgaria’s caretaker Prime Minister, Dimitar Glavchev, said at the Ukraine Recovery Conference, which takes place in Berlin on June 11. It is not enough to win the war, it is important to organise peace, Glavchev said.

More than 2,000 politicians, business and NGO representatives discuss Ukraine's post-war reconstruction. The talks focused on the country's energy system, badly damaged by the Russian invasion, and the possibility of using frozen Russian assets to fund reconstruction efforts. Ukraine was once again reassured that its future lies in the EU.

Caretaker PM Dimitar Glavchev will participate in Ukraine Recovery Conference in Berlin.

Dimitar Glavchev was welcomed at the forum by the host Olaf Scholz and by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

"It is not most important who will win the war, but how peace will be organised. We discussed everything that has been inflicted as damage in the war, without the human lives. We are talking about reconstruction and infrastructure, where we have a serious involvement in the field of energy," stressed Dimitar Glavchev - caretaker Prime Minister.

The interest of Bulgarian companies in the reconstruction of Ukraine's road infrastructure was also expressed at the conference in Berlin. Bulgaria is also interested in joining the initiative to build a green energy corridor from Azerbaijan to Europe. Georgia, Hungary and Romania are also joining the initiative. The vertical gas corridor was also discussed at a meeting of caretaker energy minister, Vladimir Malinov, and his Ukrainian counterpart, German Galushchenko.

"We have already taken specific steps with the support of the Council of Ministers and Bulgartransgaz has started the implementation of this project, which will contribute significantly and show solidarity with Ukraine in terms of substitution of Russian natural gas from January 1, 2025," said Vladimir Malinov, caretaker energy minister.

The host, Olaf Scholz, announced that Germany will provide Ukraine with more air defence systems, missiles and ammunition.

"No one here can say when the war will end, but we can say this - it will end. We will rebuild Ukraine - stronger, freer and richer than ever. The millions of Ukrainians who live in our countries can be a bridge, men and women who speak our language, work in our companies, and tomorrow can play a decisive role in the recovery of Ukraine. It is all about the people," said Olaf Scholz, Chancellor of Germany.

Ukraine hopes the conference will cement its position as a future EU member. And our country has fulfilled all the conditions to start EU membership negotiations.

“Ukraine has all the natural resources for modern energy, but without loans and investment, we cannot benefit. And here we are not talking about free loans, but high return on investment from your companies, a larger market. Together with us, create new foundations for energy. Tens of thousands of jobs and tangible economic growth will be created for you and for us," said Volodymyr Zelensky - President of Ukraine.

The European Commission President called on Ukraine to start EU membership negotiations by the end of the month and praised Kiev for having managed to implement a number of wartime reforms.

“And this is what brings us here to Berlin. Putin must fail. Ukraine must prevail. And we must help Ukraine to rise from the ashes and be master of its own future. Today, I can also announce that we will deliver to Ukraine an additional EUR 1.9 billion from our Ukraine Facility by the end of this month, said Ursula von der Leyen,” President of the European Commission.

The reconstruction conference continues tomorrow.

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