Agriculture Minister: We will insist that Ukraine temporarily hold its exports to Bulgaria

18:24, 18.09.2023
Agriculture Minister: We will insist that Ukraine temporarily hold its exports to Bulgaria

The Minister of Agriculture and Food, Kiril Vatev, on September 18 invited representatives of the protesting farmers for a meeting.

The declaration of the Initiative Committee for holding a nationwide protest was discussed in the Council of Ministers and the formulated demands of the protesting producers were met, the minister wrote. It is stated that it is necessary to specify the quantities and products in point one of the demands.

Protesting Bulgarian farmers block main roads, border crossings

Bulgaria will insist to Ukraine to hold its exports to the country until full clarificatin of the goods, quantities and licensing mechanisms, the letter said. On the night of 15-16 September, following the EC's decision to lift the ban on imports from Ukraine, a series of talks were held with Ukraine, which continue at this moment.

In his letter to the protesters, Vatev stressed that they have known each other for many years and together have defended their interests as producers of Bulgarian food.

"It was difficult for me to accept the invitation to take on the responsibility of Minister of Agriculture and Food, because I clearly recognise the accumulated problems in agriculture in our country for decades, the complex political and economic crisis in which we find ourselves. My children, who you know and are in the production, among you, were against this. However, I accepted in the hope that, knowing well the problems of the agri-food chain, together with you we could solve them. I have never shied away from difficulties, I have always fought to overcome them without circumventing them," the Minister addressed the industry.

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