Bulgaria has not exported T-72 tanks, S-300 complexes, MiG-29s or Su-25s to Ukraine, Defence Minister says

Bulgaria has not exported T-72 tanks, S-300 complexes, MiG-29s or Su-25s to Ukraine, Defence Minister says

The Ministry of Defence has not sold Su-25 aircraft for more than 10 years, caretaker Minister Dimitar Stoyanov said on January 16, commenting on a Bloomberg report that Bulgaria had sold 14 Soviet-made Su-25 ground-attack aircraft to NATO member states, which delivered them to Ukraine.

Ministry of Defence: Bulgaria has not provided NATO countries with Su-25 aircraft for Ukraine.

"20 Su-25 aircraft were sold in the period 2005-2012 to four companies. During the same period 2005 - 2012, some of these planes were exported. Of the aircraft purchased then from Bulgarian companies, six are in Bulgaria, owned by a Bulgarian company, and have not been sold," he explained.

The minister dismissed speculation that the Defence Ministry had provided equipment and armaments to the Ukrainian side beyond those approved by the decisions of the National Assembly last year.

Asked about the T-72 tanks sold as cited in publications, Minister Stoyanov said:

"Over the past year, the Ministry of Defence has not sold T-72 tanks to anyone. They are the property of the Bulgarian army and are in our formations. The decision of the National Assembly clearly says what can be exported to help Ukraine - weapons and equipment. Neither T-72, nor S-300 complexes, nor MiG-29, nor Su-25 have been exported," Minister Stoyanov stressed.

The funds for the equipment and humanitarian aid provided to Ukraine are subject to reimbursement from the European Fund and Bulgaria has already applied for this. At the moment, their amount cannot be specified.

"The humanitarian aid from the Ministry of Defence alone is about 7 million BGN - I am talking about the helmets, bulletproof vests, medical kits and clothes provided," the caretaker minister said.

The intensive talks with Poland on the two engines for MiG-29 aircraft, which Bulgaria is expecting from Poland, are ongoing.

"My idea is to have the engines in Bulgaria by the end of January," he said.

On Friday, the defence minister will take part in another meeting on assistance to Ukraine, which is being held in the Ramstein format. There he is expected to hold talks with representatives of the French and Swedish sides on replacement fighter jets, as well as with the German side on issues related to the rearmament of the Bulgarian army.

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