Coronavirus: Parks re-open, but with restrictions on use

Coronavirus: Parks re-open, but with restrictions on use

As of April 27, walks in parks will be allowed, but mayors will decide when to allow them to open once they have organized the rules and the control on the access.

By an order issued by Bulgaria’s Minister of Health Kiril Ananiyev, visits to parks will be allowed for the following persons:

  • Children up to the age of 12, accompanied by a parent (s) or family member (s), but not more than two adults from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm, every day;
  • Owners of dogs, but no more than one, before 9.30 am and after 6.30 pm, every day.

Visits to city parks and gardens should be made in strict compliance with the following anti-epidemic measures:

  • Compulsory wearing of protective face masks;
  • Keeping physical distance of 2.5 metres;
  • Getting in and going out of the parks at the designated points, as well as walking along the designated routes;
  • Alcohol consumption in parks is banned;
  • Avoiding contact with surfaces, including: sitting on benches and lawns, as well as observing all anti-epidemic measures and instructions of the persons performing their official duties.
  • Visits to sports facilities and children playgrounds in outdoor and indoor public places are prohibited.

On the basis of the order of the Minister of Health, the mayors of municipalities should establish the necessary organization for implementation of the measures, according to the specifics of the respective city parks and gardens on the territory of the municipalities.

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