Cost of living for a working adult in Bulgaria is BGN 1,454 per month

Cost of living for a family of three in Bulgaria is BGN 2,616 per month

20:23, 22.04.2024
Cost of living for a working adult in Bulgaria is BGN 1,454 per month

BGN 1,454 is needed for 1 working person in Bulgaria to live normally, according to the data of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (CITUB) for the last quarter.

The monthly income needed to support a family of three (two working adults + a child under the age of 14) is BGN 2,616.

The income needed to cover minimum living costs increases by 1.1% on a quarterly basis and by 4.3% on an annual basis.

There has also been an increase in the prices of some products from the small consumer basket, with the largest percentage increases in minced meat, pork, cabbage and apples.

There were decreases the prices of sugar, eggs, sunflower oil, cucumbers and fresh milk.

"Currently 55% is the ratio of minimum wage to living wage and this can very easily be seen by comparing other countries. For example, in Bulgaria, a minimum wage worker has to work until 7 May to get the minimum wage of a worker in Luxembourg, And until 13 April to get a German minimum wage. In Bulgaria, the 20 necessities that our table cannot do without can be bought 8.2 times with the minimum wage. In neighbouring Romania, they can be bought 15 times. In Germany, minimum wage earners can walk into a super market and fill 33 trolleys with those 20 necessities. I'm talking about bread, flour, oil, apples, fuel - everything we use on a daily basis," said Luboslav Kostov of CITUB trade union.

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