Hristo Ivanov: There must be early elections, people are ready for them

16:03, 13.07.2020
Hristo Ivanov: There must be early elections, people are ready for them

There must be early elections, this government must be changed. We are ready for these early elections, the citizens are ready for these early elections, the co-chairman of "Democratic Bulgaria" Hristo Ivanov, told BNT morning programme on July 13.

PM Borissov has fallen into a very severe loss of connection with reality. He lives in a conspiratorial world, it is obviously time for him to have a rest, Ivanov said.

According to him, even if there no protests, a situation is emerging in which "nearly half, if not more than half of the subjects in the next parliament will be new brands, if not new faces.

"Democratic Bulgaria" will be there and will look for a new majority to restart the Bulgarian democratic system, Ivanov said.

I can't say how this wave of protests will develop, but people who are not part of the usual politicized groups of citizens are taking to the streets. People are taking to the streets who are representatives of various businesses, who already see next winter an extremely difficult period for themselves and who are looking for an answer to how Bulgaria can return to the trajectory of growth and prosperity, said the co-chair of "Democratic Bulgaria ".

He clarified that the protest in Rosenets Park is "part of a series of legal actions for this whole knot of lies and violations of law, which represents Rosenets, including the oil depot next to it to Lukoil to be unraveled.

Ivanov said that there were suspicions about Lukoil, that the Bulgarian authorities had relinquished sovereignty over the Rosenets oil base, within which Dogan's mansion was located, and that not all taxes were collected. from Lukoil and it is not controlled who, what and how much imports ".

We have been for many years making an effort to sue the National Revenue Agency to provide us with audit acts regarding Lukoil, Ivanov said.

We went to Rossenets Park not to annoy the National Service for Protection, we went as Bulgarian citizens visiting Bulgarian coast and Bulgarian state land to show that this is state land and to prepare our legal actions to ask for access to this state land, provided that there is public property on the coast, every Bulgarian citizen should be able to get there, by land as well, Ivanov said.

According to him, the Bulgarian Prosecutor's office has become a political player.

It has revoked the presumption of innocence, which we will refer to the European Commission. It deals with political attacks and daily hate speech through the chief prosecutor. It publishes evidence selectively, absolutely outside any standard of criminal process, Ivanov said.

According to him, the prosecution should be removed from the judiciary and placed under clear democratic accountability.

The chief prosecutor lost the claim to be in that post when he said that he did not cause himself to read what Bozhkov (Bulgarian gambling businessman, charged in abstentia, for whom Bulgaria is seeking extradition from UAE) published and that he would not investigate, Ivanov said.

We see brutal lawlessness on the part of the prosecution and that is why Geshev should leave. He must be replaced and then the prosecutor's office must be radically reformed so that there is no next Geshev, he noted.

According to Ivanov, the government has absolutely no resources to secure entry into the Eurozone, because this means very difficult reforms that they cannot do.


On July 7, the leader of the non-parliamentary opposition Democratic Bulgaria coalition, Hristo Ivanov, and two coalition activists tried to reach by boat the beach which is adjacent to a property with a marina and a mansion known to be used by the founder and honorary chairman of the ethnic Turkish party “Movement for Rights and Freedoms” (MRF), Ahmed Dogan, as his summer residence. They used a boat because the beach to which they were going to, a public property, cannot be reached by land by members of the public. As Ivanov and his companions stepped on the beach, bodyguards who refused to identity themselves did not allow them to go on the property and pushed them back into the water.

Ivanov said the purpose of their beach-embarcation at Rossenets park was to show that Bulgarian people are not allowed to use a piece of land, which is public state property and belongs to them and that Dogan enjoys some kind of privileges which includes violation of the law. The incidence with Hristo Ivanov was livestreamed on Facebook.

At the time of the clash with Ivanov, the bodyguards refused to identify themselves and did not say whether or not they were from the NSP. Bulgaria’s President Radev made a statement the next day confirming that they were NSP staff. He added that Ahmed Dogan and MRF MP Delyan Peevski should not be guarded by the NSP.

On Saturday, July 11. a group of party supporters of Hristo Ivanov’s “Yes Bulgaria Party” tried to reach the beach via the barred road. In turn, a very large group of MRF supporters gathered near the mansion, with a huge police presence which did not allow the Yes Bulgaria group to access in order to avoid clashed between the two groups.

After understanding that they will not be let to Rossenets, Hristo Ivanov and his supporters left and went to protest outside the Bourgas Mayor's office.They were met by the Mayor Dimitar Nikolov (GERB) who said that police made a mistake by not allowing Yes Bulgaria group to reach the beach.

Later, the Mayor Nikolov and Hristo Ivanov went back to Rossenets park. Tension escalated at the moment when those willing to get to the beach tried to go through the police cordon.

There were several clashes between protesters and the police. Some of the protesters managed to break through the police cordon, but could not reach to the MRF group. Police arrested several people, including Ivailo Mirchev, a member of the executive council of Yes Bulgaria.

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