Peak of coronavirus infections is expected in Bulgaria in 3 weeks

Peak of coronavirus infections is expected in Bulgaria in 3 weeks

The situation with the spread of coronavirus in Bulgaria and the pressure on the medical establishments is under control, Health Minister, Prof. Kostadin Angelov, said on March 15 after a working meeting convened by Prime Minister, Boyko Borissov, with the coronavirus task force.

Bulgaria has all the necessary medicines, personal protective equipment and disinfectants for the battle with Covid-19. Deliveries of vaccines continue.

Nearly 339,000 people have been vaccinated in the country so far, and the contract for the supply of Remdesivir will be extended from April.

"Since there are many pseudo-experts who give examples either with Hungary, or with Serbia, or with Greece, let's remind that the measures there are a total lockdown, everything is closed, or almost everything, whilst in Bulgaria there is absolutely normal life," Prime Minister Borissov said.

2 million doses of the fourth vaccine, approved by the European Medicines agency, have been ordered and the first batch is expected.

10 million doses of vaccines have been ordered for Bulgaria, it became clear at the meeting.

"We have 1 million doses ordered from Pfizer plus 2.9 million additional doses ordered, nearly 3.9 million. We have 1 million from Moderna," the PM said.

Within weeks, a peak is Covid-19 cases is expected, folowed by a drop in the numbers.

"The next two to three weeks are decisive in the fight against the virus. Even if the figures from the November-December peak are exceeded, within these 3 weeks we will reach the peak values ​​and begin to decline," Chief State Health Inspector, Assoc. Prof. Angel. Kunchev, said.

480,000 doses of vaccines will arrive in Bulgaria in March.