Six children in hospital after eating cannabis cookies

15:40, 08.07.2024
Six children in hospital after eating cannabis cookies

Over the past two day, 6 children aged from 4 to 14 years have been hospitalised in the Clinic of Toxicology at the University Hospital "Dr. Stransky" in Pleven (Northern Bulgaria) after eating biscuits containing tetrahydrocannabinol THC (cannabis) and one child after taking narcotic opiate and cocaine.

The children were taken to hospital with severe general condition and quantitative and qualitative disturbances in consciousness. The doctors and nurses undertook resuscitative, detoxification and gave specific medical treatment.

Currently, the children have stable vital signs but are sleepy.

The authorities of the Ministry of the Interior, the department for Child Protection and the unit for Combating Juvenile Delinquency have been informed. An investigation into the case is underway.

The team of doctors at the Toxicology Clinic urge parents and children to be careful!

"We, the toxicology doctors, are deeply concerned about the recent cases of poisoning with biscuits containing cannabis that have been offered to children by strangers. This is a serious problem that requires attention and action", alarms Assoc. Prof. Dr. Evgenia Burzashka, Head of Clinic of Clinical Toxicology.

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