Tension and clashes at protest at Rossenets Park

Tension and clashes at protest at Rossenets Park

Tensions and arrests at the beach in Rossenets Park.

In the morning on July 11, citizens and supporters of the leader of "Yes Bulgaria" party Hristo Ivanov wanted to reach the place, which several days ago turned out to be inaccessible, because it is guarded by the National Service for Protection. The police today prevented Ivanov and his activists from reaching by land the Rossenets beach, because supporters of the MRF party had already been there. The police explained their action was prompted by their attempts to prevent clashes between “Yes Bulgaria” activists and MRF supporters.

Hristo Ivanov said that they had all necessary clearance for the protest and had been told that no other protest had been planned for the same time and place. It turned out that MRF, too, had notified the local authorities that they were going to protest at Rossenets at the same time.

After understanding that they will not be let to Rossenets, Hristo Ivanov and his supporters left and went to protest outside the Bourgas Mayor's office.They were met by the Mayor Dimitar Nikolov (GERB) who said that police made a mistake by not allowing Yes Bulgaria group to reach the beach.

Later, the Mayor Nikolov and Hristo Ivanov went back to Rossenets park. Tension escalated at the moment when those willing to get to the beach tried to go through the police cordon.

There were several clashes between protesters and the police. Some of the protesters managed to break through the police cordon, but could not reach to the MRF group. Police arrested several people, including Ivailo Mirchev, a member of the executive council of Yes Bulgaria.

Because of the police handling of the situation near Dogan’s mansion, PM Borissov demanded the resignation of Senior Commissioner Radoslav Sotirov, head of the district directorate of the ministry of interior in Bourgas. Sotirov filed resignation, the Interior Minister did not accept it.


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