Day 64 of anti-government protests

23:45, 10.09.2020
Day 64 of anti-government protests

At 23.00, the atmosphere of the national protest was completely calm. People were peacefully defending their demands, chanting "resignation".

Large-scale protest was staged in the centre of Sofia on September 10. The security measures were increased and several access checkpoints were located near the largo.

In the morning, the protesters first gathered in front of the Presidency, then blocked traffic on Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. and then on Dondukov Blvd. They brought a huge Bulgarian flag and spread it out in front of the building of the Council of Ministers.

All the people going to the Triangle of Power were checked by the police. Some protesters said they approved the measures because they were aimed at avoiding tensions. Others said that these actions of the police rather humiliated them.

The protest billed as “Grand National Uprising” 2 has been going on for 10 hours.

The demands remain the same: resignation of the government and the Chief Prosecutor, Ivan Geshev; and early parliamentary elections.

As at 18:00, there has been no tension or incidents at the protest.

From the rostrum, the protest organisers from the "Poisonous Trio" said, that some protestrs have difficulties getting to the protest because of the police checks. Allegations were heard that aprat dfrom dangerous object, the police also seized flags. Some protestrs went to one of the checkpoints to talk with the police.

Several checkpoints were located around the “Independence” square. The police are checking backpacks for dangerous objects.

In addition to people from all over the country, there were representatives of NGO’s and various political parties.

Both protesters and police called on people to distance themselves from provocateurs and the protesters themselves placed a red and white tape metres away from the police for protection from provocateurs.

Six people were detained at today’s protests.

photos by Dessislava Kulelieva

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